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What do they say…

The course I did in Assisi is the first course of my career through which I felt realized. ​​Before I was frightened by the idea of ​​not learning how to cut hair but knowing milo and its serious and consistent teaching I realized that nothing is impossible ... that was my best investment!

- Giulia

The course was very interesting because I had the pleasure to interact individually with the teacher, assimilating much more the topics that were being treated. Very easy to learn techniques and a huge willingness on the part of milo on anything. Thanks Milo!!

- Adriano

Milo Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to attend the cutting course at Assisi, the course is very well structured both in theory (thanks to the invaluable manual) and in practice. Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm in transmitting the contents of such a creative work :-)

- Emanuela

Thank you so much for a fantastic 3 weeks! I have learnt so much -more than I ever thought that I would and really enjoyed myself too! it has been Fantastico!!

- Scarlett

Thanks for the advanced course has been very informative and helped me to learn many little details that I had never considered. I want more!!

- Marcela

Thank you so much Milo, it has been an incredibly intense week and a half. I completely refreshed my skylls and I feel ready to open a salon now. You have to come to the opening!

- Aura