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Hairchitekt is the manual designed to understand and perform the three-dimensional projections involved in any haircut. Through a simple methodology, logical and coherent, particular emphasis is placed on the description of each cutting action using elementary geometry. Squares, triangles and circles are transformed into three-dimensional polygons that build the structure of the cut.


Some capital letters are used to facilitate the image and representation of these figures, connecting in this way the abstract concept with the practical reality.

Each of the 9 cutting techniques explained are illustrated with diagrams and drawings that describe each step of the process. Several basic finishing techniques also explain how to define, soften and customize these forms.

The manual can be useful both for beginners and experienced professionals. To the first ones it provides a solid basis for developing the experience. To the second ones, it allows at different degrees to improve the three-dimensional idea of each haircut. The goal of Hairchitekt is ultimately improve and enhance the hairdressers’ creative capacity.