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The most detailed and accurate way to teach the foundations of Hair Cutting

HAIRCHITEKT is the hairdressing school that best suits the student's needs, providing international advanced quality in a wide range of professional courses that any audience would understand.

To learn haircutting is easy....

Because HAIRCHITEKT is an intuitive, fast and effective method for learning.

Because you learn the simple tricks and secrets that make the difference.

Because theory is practice, and practice is theory.



Hairchitekt cutting courses follow a simple logic and methodology that allows progressive learning. Whatever the level of the student, this method will proof very useful to understand and master classic and advanced techniques.

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Milo has  developed his career in the bosom of a family of successful hairdressers  in Spain. In 2000 he came into contact with Vidal Sassoon in Dublin with D.Marshall and later with Toni & Guy, where he worked for 5 years in the London Central Academy.

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  • The foundation cutting course allows me to open a business?
  • Is it really possible to become hairdresser in 8 days?
  • Can I work as an apprentice in a salon?

What do they say...

Thank you so much for a fantastic 3 weeks! I have learnt so much -more than I ever thought that I would and really enjoyed myself too! it has been Fantastico!!

- Scarlett

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Our Locations

We might describe hairchitekt as a mobile  international academy. The reference for courses in Italy is Assisi. Courses are held regularly in London, Barcelona and Bratislava, and Kuwait will be our next destination ;-)

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Future Projects

Hairchitekt is in constant development, aiming to to make learning easy. For this, hair cutting courses are in need of meta-technology, like our manual. Among other projects, detailed video with step by step techniques are coming soon. Leave us your Email, we'll update you!